Open Source Security Software Hackathon

Since 12 years, our team organizes the security conference, which brings many security professionals together. We observe that many people and organisations create open source software to support their security activities, ranging from reverse engineering, digital forensic, incident response (DFIR), threat analysis to network security. Many of the security tools are developed on a long-term commitment and they provide viable solutions to improve security globally. In order to support the continuity of innovation, development and integration of such open source security tools, we decided to organise a two-days hackathon in May in addition to our yearly conference (16th to 19th October 2017).

The hackathon will take place the 2nd and 3rd May 2017 in Luxembourg. Check the practical details.

The event is free of charge and open to all projects, developers and contributors who are part of open source projects placed in the security field.

Being part of a project is not a requirement to participate to the hackaton. The projects listed bellow are examples and you’re more than welcome to propose other open source projects.

Projects and Team

These are the projects already registered for the hackathon (feel free to join and add your open source project):

AIL logo cve-search logo MISP Project Viper

See all the team and project information