Projects and Team

The following open source projects and team members will be present at the hackathon (don’t hesitate to register your team):

AboutCode AboutCode is a project to uncover data … about software code.

  • where does the code come from?
  • what is its license? copyright?
  • is it secure, maintained, well coded? AboutCode provides tools to identify the origin, licensing (and soon vulnerabilities) of FLOSS software packages.

AIL logo AIL is a modular framework to analyse potential information leaks from unstructured data sources like pastes from Pastebin or similar services or unstructured data streams. AIL framework is flexible and can be extended to support other functionalities to mine sensitive information.

cve-search logo cve-search project is a set of tools to import CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) to facilitate search and processing of CVEs. The main objective of the software is to avoid doing direct and public lookup into the public CVE databases. This is usually faster to do local lookups and limits your sensitive queries via the Internet. cve-search includes a back-end to store vulnerabilities and related information, an intuitive web interface for search and managing vulnerabilities, a series of tools to query the system and a web API interface.

eclecticiq Eclecticiq developed and maintains multiple open source projects related to TAXII standard including cabby (a TAXII client implementation) and OpenTAXII (a TAXII server implementation in Python).

TheHive TheHive is a scalable 3-in-1 open source and free security incident response platform designed to make life easier for SOCs, CSIRTs, CERTs and any information security practitioner dealing with security incidents that need to be investigated and acted upon swiftly.

MISP Project The MISP threat sharing platform is a free and open source software helping information sharing of threat and cyber security indicators.

MONARC The MONARC is a free and open source software to support an optimised risk analysis method to allow precise and repeatable risk management.

Viper Viper is a binary management and analysis framework dedicated to malware and exploit researchers.

If you are member of a free/open source software project in the security field. Feel free to join us and add your team.